About: Rich and Jackie

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Hello. We are Rich and Jackie, and this is our blog to keep up with our friends and family.
We are retired. I (Rich) am 79 and my wife, Jackie, is 83.  The pics are our alter egos for here.
We will take turns writing our blog posts.
Up until a year ago we had never even heard of blogs. Well, I take that back. We probably heard about them, like in sermons or in conversations with our kids. Jackie’s daughter actually writes blog articles for some guy who does lead generation in Florida, and she has been telling us about that for about six months. So we’ve slowly become aware of the fact that blogs are a thing, and that anyone can have a blog, and anyone can see the blog.
The fact that anyone can see the blog makes me a little nervous. But not too bad. Not many people will stumble on it, after all.
Anyway, we are retired. We live in a retirement community in Illinois.
We have been married 20 years. Before that, we both had other spouses and we were married to them for 20 years. Each of our spouses died of cancer.
I was a Bible translator my whole working life, and I did that work with my first wife in the Guajiro in Colombia. Jackie and her first husband, Skip, were also Bible translators in New Guinea. They lived and worked there for 18 years. Karis and I were in Colombia for 25 years.
After Jackie and I married, I continued with the Wayuu Bible translation project, and I just finished that a few years ago. Jackie and I spent a lot of time in Colombia and Venezuela (where many Wayuu live) finishing up that translation project. There were a few add-on components to the project—a Wayuu songbook and some other collateral materials.
Also I did some pastor training in Venezuela for the Wayuu there, and Jackie went with me, of course.
We finished up our work among the Wayuu officially last year. I’m still absorbing the fact that that work is done. I was involved in it for 40 years! I admit, some days I feel lost without it. It was my life for so long, and it consumed my waking moments.
Other days I’m just so relieved to have all the Wayuu work finished. It always felt like a big responsibility, and it took a lot of physical and emotional energy. Being free of that pressure and weight has been a great thing.
Also I’m more tired these days than I used to be. My energy just doesn’t go as far as it used to. But that’s ok because I can limit and manage my commitments. I have chosen to step back from some responsibilities to open more space in the day. Jackie has slowed down somewhat, and I need to be available to care for her and to match my pace to hers in our activities.
Anyway, that’s me, Rich.  Jackie can tell you more about herself in another article.