Power Washing: Beautiful Transformations

…Rich here.
Jackie and I decided we wanted to move to Fairhaven Retirement Center shortly after we moved to Illinois. We didn’t want to go there immediately. We couldn’t have anyway, because there was a waiting list.

We bought a house and got on the waiting list for Fairhaven. When a place opened up, we started the work to put our house on the market.

We had a lot of exterior cleaning to do to get the place whipped into shape. I googled pressure washing companies and found one that looked good, so I called the guy to come out and give me a quote.

He showed up on time, with his rig, so I got to see what power-washing equipment he would be using.

pressure washing service

On the scheduled day, he came back with his crew guy and they went to town.
Started with the roof (it’s asphalt shingle) and did a chemical clean of that. It was interesting to watch. They used a low-pressure delivery system and just lightly sprayed the chemical on the roof. They worked their way across the top and then down, and then did the other planes.
I could see the chemicals working. The black mold streaks turned brown and then white and then they disappeared. At the end of the clean, the guy rinsed it. All the dead mold and chemicals came off and the roof looked like new.

I was worried about the plants but they protected them. Some of the plants they covered with tarps and other plants they watered heavily before any chemical drips fell on them.
The next part of the job was the exterior clean of the walls, gutters, soffits. They tackled that with a lighter solution of the roof mix. There were moldy parts that were almost instantly clean. It brightened up everything, especially the gutters and soffits, which were pretty dark and discolored from mold.

I had them also pressure wash the sidewalk, patio, and driveway. They brought out a surface-cleaner for those areas and then did touch-up with a wand. The guy told me they were using 3500 psi on the concrete. Plus a pre-treatment of a chemical solution.
By the time they were done, the concrete looked almost like new. They removed all the black and green mold and even got up the fertilizer spots and some of the dark oil.
So that was that. It took them half a day to do all that roof cleaning, exterior cleaning, and power-washing.

I was really happy with their work and I’d recommend this company to anyone.
After the pressure-cleaning was done, we did a few other spiff-up projects (like we got the carpets cleaned, did some repainting, installed some new fixtures, and put in a new stove) and then put the house on the market.
It sold in less than a week! So then we had a month to move out of that house and move in to our place in Fairhaven. It all went smoothly, and here we are now in our new home.

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